Thing # 5


It took me a few minutes to really wrap my head around the purpose of an RSS feed. After I actually set up my Feedly, it became much more clear. I am not someone who follows any one blog so closely, but it would be really nice to have a feed of all different education blogs that I could glance at to see if anything is specifically interesting to me at the time. This happened right away as I scanned through the different blogs from the 10 that we needed to add. I am teaching about several narratives in the Torah, and finding different ways to retell stories. I had a few ideas where I would use Twitter and actually have a story retold by different perspectives according to what the Biblical character’s Twitter feeds would read. However, after reading through some of the blogs on my Feedly, I came across this interesting blog: I am excited to use Storify as perhaps one more way to retell the ancient stories that the students are learning. This is beyond helpful, and now I am going to search around and see if anyone else has story telling ideas.


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